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How to Choose the Finish for Bathroom Fixtures

The finish on your fixtures can have a dramatic impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom. It is important you consider what style you are going for to make sure the finish complements that. Here are some of the many options you have when choosing your finish:

1. Nickel

A nickel finish can come in brushed or polished varieties. They are generally inexpensive and versatile in regards to style. You can use these finishes in many different bathrooms, but their versatility comes at a price. They are often viewed as generic and bland. They tend to blend in, rather than make a strong, stylistic statement.

2. Chrome

Chrome is one of the most popular finishes because of its sleek look, versatile design, durability, and price. Chrome finishes are very easy to clean and maintain, but they also get dirty very easily, since they show water spots and fingerprints prominently.

3. Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures stay clean more easily than chrome fixtures, but they are more specific in terms of style. The dark bronze color is ideal for traditional styles as well as Tuscan or Mediterranean designs.

4. Polished Brass

The bright gold color of polished brass gives a bathroom a very vintage look, but it has also been re-claimed in modern design styles as well. Though more expensive than some of the other finish options, this finish makes a bold statement that is still versatile.

5. Satin Brass

This cousin of polished brass has a more matte finish, so it is less showy. It can be difficult to find, but it is stylistically versatile and won’t show spots and fingerprints. Pair satin brass with a contemporary sink for a modern look.

6. Copper

Aside from its appeal in the vintage steampunk community, copper piping can also provide your bathroom or kitchen with a beautiful traditional look reminiscent of a country farmhouse. If you are interested in maintaining the shiny finish of your copper, you will have to spend time maintaining that. You can, however, let the copper age naturally to develop a green hue.

These are only some of the options available from Denver Plumbing Fixtures. Contact us to set up an appointment to see our showroom.